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Where “doing life & business

with confidence”

kinda gals

are created, together.

Helping female freelancers and entrepreneurs prioritise their personal mastery, business competence and creative freedom so they can confidently do life and business on their own terms without the loneliness and self-doubt.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You love being creative, in your personal life and your freelance business, but you just don’t have the confidence to market yourself or price your products or services…

You have so many awesome ideas but you don’t ever turn them into something you can be proud of because you’re overwhelmed with where to start, what to focus on first, or how to manage your time effectively…

You feel like you’re being pulled in so many different directions with all your obligations, and you rarely get round to doing the things you love and that light up your soul.

You’re struggling to spark your creativity because you’re constantly comparing yourself to others so you can’t see the point in creating, especially since ‘everything’s already been done before’…

If it does, then you’re already familiar with the uncertainty that comes with trying to google the solution to your insecurities

That's what inspired me to create this space...

I was tired of struggling to find the ‘perfect’ formula for life, creativity & business and it was destroying my confidence, thanks to:

Overwhelm from all the online advice from distant guru’s and experts.


Running around in circles unable to decide who’s advice to follow.


Being disorganised and confused about how to implement all the information I was gathering


Not being able to afford all the products, services and subscriptions of a gazillion ‘experts’


Thankfully, all that's behind you...

Introducing the Confident Creative Academy​

An online membership site with all the confidence resources and support to transform the lives and businesses of solopreneur women, everywhere.

The Academy is the leading confidence-centric online resource and community for female entrepreneurs in the creative industry.

It’s an exclusive membership where female creatives can get real about what’s busting their confidence any day of the week, for as long as they need, so that they can regain their energy and self esteem to continue to create the life experience, business success and personal fulfilment they’re entitled to.

It’s packed with an ever-growing library of practical training, about strengthening your mind, body and soul confidence as well as all things business related like marketing, money, processes & systems, and not forgetting the creative confidence boosters like play, mastery and manifestation.

The Academy is a subscription site to all resources and trainings that are aimed at helping you become more confident.


Not to mention the awesome community support you need to ensure you’re held accountable to reaching your full potential.


The Academy will help you to:

Create effective habits to wire in behaviours that actively spark the confidence to go out and make each day count, and be held accountable in the process.

Safely ask those stupid questions you might otherwise be too shy to ask, and be supported by a caring, understanding community.

Create processes to help you streamline and automate your solopreneur or freelance business so that you can have more time and energy to do the things that light up your creative soul.

Consciously bring awareness to your personal, creative and business confidence so that you can identify areas for improvement and actually do something about it

Keep your education, personal development and business resources all under one roof on one platform away from the distraction of social media.

Expand your belief in what’s possible for you in all areas of your life so that you can play a bigger game of life while having fun and inspiring others.

What makes the academy different?


Tap into our growing list of guest experts who teach everything from Facebook Ads to Zen Meditation



This is an exclusively female community so we can chat about all girl stuff that impacts our confidence


It’s like having coffee with a friend any day at any time, getting advice and support from the resources and other members who might even be on the other side of the world!


Everything that’s contained within The Academy has been personally tried and tested. We are our own guinea pigs.


We keep it real in The Academy. No fake instagram-perfect B.S. here. We welcome those ugly-cry moments & hand you a cleenex while helping you move on through it


We eat, sleep and breathe confidence and everything that builds it. We know what impact a confident woman can have on the world which is why we do what we do


Hi I’m Abigail – also known as the “Confidence Crusader” – and I’ve spent more than a decade building my freelance, specialist women’s portrait photography business…and my confidence!

After photographing thousands of women, I’ve gained a keen insight into what makes a woman confident, and what impact that has on her thoughts, words and behaviours and ultimately her life experience and business success.

My fascination with confidence has lead me to read hundreds of books, watch hours of content, complete several courses and become my own guinea pig of confidence boosting techniques.

Through my own journey of lacking confidence, I’ve honed my knowledge of mindset techniques, practical tools and habits as growing an understanding of personal spritual truths.

All in the name of confidence.

And I want to share all that I’ve learned and experienced with you, as well as everything I continue to learn, so that you can let go of what’s been holding you back and reignite that inherent confidence you were born with, so that you can go on to share your creative gifts with the world.

Come join me!

"I am so honoured to even know you. You have made such an impact on my life and business and helped me grow in confidence and self-belief. "

4 Ways to learn inside the
confident creative academy

A library of online courses to help you build your confidence.

From Blog Photography to Body, Mind & Soul Confidence. And the list keeps growing!

A toolkit of downloadable PDF’s, templates and spreadsheets, as well as online templates already set up and ready to use.

Need specific advice and feedback tailored to your specific situation? Then join in on our live Q&A sessions where we’ll answer your questions and provide individual advice.

Every month a new guest expert masterclass is added to the Academy.

Experts from all over the world share their expertise and advice to help you build your personal, business and creative confidence.

All Academy Members Get access To:

Immediate access to the full online course archive

We have a growing library of online courses for you to dive into as soon as you join. 

From full courses on topics ranging from phone photography to body, mind & soul confidence, to exclusive workshops by selected guest experts.


Learn what you need, when you need it, from wherever your are.

Supportive private community

The community chat is heart and soul of The Academy. It’s the place to go to ask all your questions, get feedback and support and form relationships with other creative entrepreneurs who are also consciously working on building their confidence.

The community conversations are archivable so you can access all past chats easily. Not only will this help you resolve your issue, but it’ll show you that you’re not alone in your challenges.

Everyone goes through similar struggles from time to time, and your fellow creatives are here to help you stay accountable to your own goals and intentions.


Checklists, Workbooks, Spreadsheets & Templates

Printable worksheets & live online templates to help you streamline your processes and procedures including:

  • Pricing Calculator spreadsheet
  • Quarterly, monthly, weekly & daily planners
  • Self-Help Book Summaries
  • Mindmap Frameworks

...All of this and so much more inside the Academy


No Questions Asked

When you join Confident Creative Academy you’re fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t feel like this is the platform for you and you decide you want to opt-out any time within the next 30 days, just pop us an email and we’ll send you a refund. No hassles or headaches. Just simple and easy.

We’re confident that you’ll find the Confident Creative Academy valuable (see what we did there!), and we won’t make you run around in circles – if you’re not satisfied within your first 30 days then we’ll refund you without any fuss.

30 day guarantee
"I have just done a little saunter through the website. Wow! What a huge amount of love and work has gone into this. Love it. I am so glad I took the step and signed up early. As I am starting a whole new business journey I need all the support I can get!"

Get Instant Access to the Academy!

If you’re ready to take your confidence to the next level by enrolling in the Confident Creative Academy, simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join us…

Pay Monthly

$29 Per month

(R299 per month)

That’s less than $1 US or R10 per day!

Recurring payment –

cancel anytime in just 2 clicks of your mouse

Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee

Pay Annually

$299 Per year

(R2999 per year)

That’s less than $25 or R250 per month!

Recurring payment –

cancel anytime in just 2 clicks of your mouse

Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee

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Not Sure if Confident Creative Academy is right for you?

Confident Creative Academy is NOT for everyone, and in fact, you’d save yourself (and me!) a lot of time and effort if you knew before signing up. So here’s how to tell if Confident Creative Academy will be a good fit BEFORE you sign up…

Who the academy is for

  • Creatives who feel like they've lost the joy and passion for their craft and want to bring back some balance into their life
  • Newbie creatives who would like to turn their hobby into a business but don't have a clue where to start with the business stuff
  • Women who find themselves at a cross-roads in their life and are not sure of their next step or new direction
  • Long term solopreneurs who want to extend the reach of their brand and streamline their business
  • Courageous women who are ready to embrace and expand their confidence journey & who want to do it along with other soulful women.

Who the academy is not for

  • People looking for overnight successes - the journey of confidence is a long game. There are no quick fixes, although shifts can be sudden.
  • Negative Nellies. If you're looking for a place to complain about everything that's going wrong, without taking responsibility for your actions or circumstances, then you're probably gonna wanna move on.
  • Closed minded folk - there's definitely an element of woo-woo in the content alongside all the practical trainings. But if conversations around The Universe and Manifestation freak you out, then this probably isn't the place for you.
  • People expecting guaranteed results. Everyone's journey is different and your results are directly proportional to your actions and individual circumstances. What we teach works, because we've tried it ourselves, but no one can promise you specific results.

It might seem strange that we’re talking you out of joining The Academy, but honestly, if it’s not a right fit from the start, it’s never going to be. I want to see you succeed and become the most confident version of you, but it all starts by making sure the Academy is the right place for you before you join.

"I'm so thrilled I found The Confident Creative Academy. The fact that Abigail feels so strongly about building confidence in us creative folk, that she created the academy, is a blessing. Thank you, Abigail I find the site easy to navigate and the content very relevant and well paced. I'm already applying what I am learning and can't wait to finish my course and start on the next"

Frequently asked questions

We look at confidence from a holistic point of view and from the perspective of a female creative entrepreneur. We cover topics related to personal confidence (self, circumstance & social), creative confidence (ideas, creative play, mastery & manifestation) and professional confidence (products & services, marketing, processes & systems, relationships, money & scaling up).

There are various types of content available inside The Academy. From full online courses, to individual lessons which are presented in video format. There are also written articles and downloadable templates and worksheets, as well as online ready to use platform templates like Trello and Google Spreadsheets.

You get immediate access to everything that’s already inside the Academy. So you can jump straight in and start learning and applying what you learn straight away. The content is regularly updated and new material is added every month. So the content library will continue to grow.

There is no foreseeable end to the growth of the content contained within the Academy. The resources will be developed and added to on a monthly basis and is predominantly community driven, so if there’s a specific subject that you’d like to learn more about, it’s as simple as making the suggestion and it’ll be considered in the upcoming content plan.

No, the Academy is intended as a community led platform, meaning that you’ll receive support and advice from your fellow community members. I, Abigail, along with my guest experts will be available in the community chat to answer your specific questions, but they will remain within the context of the member’s community so all members can benefit from everyone’s questions. 

The Academy is a community and information resource only. Any physical, psychological or psychiatric issues should be managed by a trained professional. We are proud to have such qualified professionals joining the Academy, to whom we would gladly refer you in order to schedule a formal arrangement. 

Obviously, we would love you to stay forever, but if you’re ready to move on, then within a couple of clicks of a mouse, your membership subscription will be cancelled.

No. Your membership entitles you to enter the member’s area and access the content released during your active membership. If you cancel or do not renew your membership, you won’t be able to access the content inside the Academy.

Yes you can! You can upgrade your membership any time from your accounts page. Our system will automatically take into account the time left on your current subscription, so you’ll never be double charged either.

If there’s anything you’re not sure about or if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at

It’s Your Time To…

  • Start valuing your self, your work and your time
  • Build your confidence around money and pricing
  • Begin marketing yourself and your business with confidence
  • Get out of that rut & let your creative awesomeness shine
  • Be held accountable so you can FINALLY complete that project
  • Leave behind the comparison trap & begin doing your life your way
  • Let go of that small-thinking mindset
  • Effectively deal with negative feedback and setbacks
  • Recognise that your flavour of creativity is unique and desirable
  • Let go of overwhelm & shiny object syndrome by getting focussed on what’s important
  • Start accepting compliments about you & your work with ease & grace
  • Fill up your own tank, so you can be more present for others

Get Instant Access to the Academy!

If you’re ready to take your confidence to the next level by enrolling in the Confident Creative Academy, simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join us…

Pay Monthly

$29 Per month

(R299 per month)

That’s less than $1 US  or R10 per day!

Recurring payment –

cancel anytime in just 2 clicks of your mouse

Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee

Pay Annually

$299 Per year

(R2999 per year)

That’s less than $25 or R250 per month!

Recurring payment –

cancel anytime in just 2 clicks of your mouse

Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee

Pay in US Dollars or SA Rands