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One Next level of Everything for All of us, please!

When the world tells us in varying ways that we’re too much, we tend to tone ourselves down, to shrink ourselves to fit the expectations and the comfort zones of those around us. We tone down our exuberance, and our optimism (because we’re not supposed to be “happy and optimistic” while life is less than ideal), the way we dress (because heaven forbid people should see our real personality and authentic, essential weirdness) and even our expectations (especially how much money and business success we actually deserve and are worthy of). Realising that we all are doing this in various ways and that we should all STOP – Just Stop – Stop making ourselves small and invisible and struggling and “comfortable for other people”… all this for the price of a delicious Iced coffee or Refresh Juice while sitting around a table in a popular coffee shop in Somerset West with eight other women? Priceless.

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